7 Days to Die Map Guide - Navezgane (2022)


As zombies grow across the map of Navezgane in 7 Days to Die, your mission is to survive and beat the odds, building an establishment and fighting back against the undead in unique areas. In each area of the map, finding resources, improved weapons, and armor requires a hefty exploration to ensure your and your friends' survival on this deadly map.

The 7 Days to Die map will take you on many different paths as you survive together from a quant trailer park, massive cities, old western towns, and more to learn about and survive inside of Navezgane. In this guide, we will show you where each of the main establishments is in the 7 Days to Die map Navezgane version A20 and what you can find when you enter these locations on your 7 Days to Die game server!


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The 7 Days to Die map Navezgane offers much for players to find, collect, explore and use to their advantage against the zombie hoards. Everything from gas stations, pharmacy stores, coffee shops, trailer parks, old western towns, and more await you and your friends' epic quest! Below, let’s explore the major cities and towns of Navezgane including the common buildings and shops along with the *unique buildings you’ll find in these areas.



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Once the largest city in Navezgane, Gravestown is a big city located near the center of the map on the border of the wasteland biome. Featuring many multi-story buildings that are destroyed, it’s believed Gravestown was once bombed, devastating the city. Now covered in all types of zombies with a higher than normal amount of zombie dogs and bloated police officers, there are fewer places to loot but the materials you’ll earn are much better. Gravestown contains a Shotgun Messiah Gun Store on the east side, a move theater on the south side, a hotel at the center of the city, and 28 lootable cars in total with plenty of great resources!


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Diersville is a deadly city located in the dense woods inside the northeast region of the map. Upon killing zombies in this city, you’ll find that they spawn back nearly instantly making it impossible to properly clean up the town. Due to this, sneaking and barricades are useful to avoid zombies as you loot this city. A lot of loot rests in this town filled with storage containers both inside houses and in yards, many 2-story houses with gun safes, lots of houses containing important resources and armor, a *Hospital, and many other vital supplies that require being very patient, careful, and avoiding zombies at all costs!


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The city of Perishton is located northwest near the top left-hand corner of the map. Replacing a previous Ghost Town that had been in the same spot, Perishton offers a lot of different buildings to explore including a smaller Gun Store, Book Store, Pharmacy, Hardware Store, Grocery Store, Gas Station, and unique buildings *Perishton Church, *Town Hall, and a *Bank containing 18 different safes you can access.


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Departure is a very large city located on the southeast corner of the 7 Days to Die map within the desert region. The largest city in 7D2D’s Navezgane, Departure also includes the largest and tallest building to explore. When exploring Departure, a variety of important buildings will allow you to collect many resources and supplies for your journey including Shotgun Messiah Gun Store, Working Stiffs Hardware Store, Book Store, Pop-N-Pills, Pass n Gas Gas Station, Shamway Grocery Store, along with the unique buildings *Dishong Tower, *Fire Station, *Higashi Pharmaceutical, *Poopy Pants Daycare, *Prowlin Petes, *Ourbucks Coffee, and *Joe Bros Builders.



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The Trailer Park is a small unique location located on the center-right side of the 7 Days to Die map Navezgane. Near Diersville, as you play with your friends on a dedicated 7 Days to Die server you can make a quick stop here where you will find supplies in six different trailers along with several cars that can be looted.


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Enter the wild west in Old Western Town, a small town located on the border of the Desert near the Burnt Forest biome on the right side of the map. In the Old Western Town, you’ll frequently see Cowboy Zombies as you adventure into the several unique buildings in this town including a *Sheriff’s Office and a *Special Church.


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Traveling through 7 Days to Die, Rural Areas are important areas you can stop by to quickly gain supplies that’ll help you through the game. The Rural Areas to keep an eye on feature Army Bases, Houses, and Cabins along with Hardware Stores, Book Stores, and Grocery Stores where you’ll often find food, medicine, and sometimes even a weapon in a house. Be careful in more populated Rural Areas though such as Theatres, Diners, Skate Parks, and Stores as zombies often lurk waiting to attack!


The great Wilderness of 7 Days to Die features any areas that are often uninhabited, where no main roads or large buildings are accessible. In the Wilderness, you can generally find wildlife along with points of interest Traders, Campsites, Cabins, Indian Burial Grounds, Ponds, Ranger Stations, and Army Bases.



Different stores are scattered across the Navezgane map from Book Stores, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Pharmacy Stores, and more, each offering their own supplies based on that point of interest. It is dangerous in these stores due to zombies, and caution is recommended when entering and looting these locations.


Often comprised of barracks structures, tents, and guard towers, Army Bases were secure army locations that were overrun by zombies. Due to them being overwhelmed, many of these bases became abandoned leaving behind weapons, ammo, and armor. It is advised to be careful when nearing an Army Base as landmines surround these points of interest.


A survivor campsite is often the site of the survivors’ last stand to survive and inside you’ll find a campfire, a few tents, sleeping bags that can be picked up and used, random loot and scraps, and a corpse or two of the survivors. Additionally, it is possible to find weapons, ammunition, medicine, and supplies for survival but be weary as zombies do roam in campsites.


Houses, Cabins, and Apartments are very important locations inside the 7 Days to Die map. These points of interest offer great resources from weapons to survival supplies along with places to hide at night when zombies are roaming at their worst. Stone or concrete houses are especially strong when it comes to this, helping to ensure your survival another night.


Finding Gas Stations throughout the 7 Days to Die map gives you a powerful advantage in surviving. Once inside, you can climb up a ladder to the higher floor and then destroy it to avoid zombies getting to you. Not only that, but you can also find a variety of useful loot including Gas Cans, Gas Barrels, Crates, Iron, Wood Spikes, and more.


The world of 7 Days to Die is a land filled with danger but knowing each location and where to go, your and your friends’ odds of survival greatly improve. Scour points of interest to ensure you have good gear, sneak into towns and cities to gather even more supplies, and locate Army Bases to improve your weapon arsenal! Where will you explore first? Bring along your friends and prepare for the journey of a lifetime as you adventure across the apocalyptic lands of Navezgane on a 7 Days to Die game server!

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